Updated: SIXX + XMLPullParser for GemStone

I got past the issues I was facing when porting my SIXX + XMLPullParser combo to GemStone, and now both packages are available on GemSource.

  • XMLPullParser-kdt.8 loads cleanly into GemStone as well as Squeak/Pharo, so there’s nothing complicated there.
  • The SIXX package is a hybrid of my work (the SIXX package on SqueakSource) and Dale’s GemStone port (as of about version dkh.152) Hopefully we can sync those up soon.

I hope somebody finds this stuff useful!



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4 responses to “Updated: SIXX + XMLPullParser for GemStone

  1. Mariano Martinez Peck

    Congratulations!!! This is a really useful and needed tool. I extremely hope Lukas or someone else put this in the Importer/Exporter utility of Pier. With this, doing a simple click I can export a complete Pier site from my Pharo image to GemStone :)



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  3. Paolo Bonzini

    Ken, what is the license of the package? I would like to port it to GNU Smalltalk, using Generators to avoid building the stream. Thanks!

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