My name is Ken Treis, and I am a software developer in a rural part of Eastern Washington. I operate a small software development company specializing in object-oriented programming. We primarily build web applications.

I think I must have been about 10 years old when I first learned about telecommuting. Ever since then, I had always wanted to work from home, especially if home could be in a remote location. If I can help it, I won’t ever trade my home office for a cubicle. I love being here with my wife and our 5 kids.

I appreciate good writing and clear thinking, though I can hardly claim to create much of either. G.K. Chesterton and J. Budziszewski are some of my favorite non-technical authors.

Nothing I compile and write about on this site would be possible without the work of others. I feel as though I’m adding a few small stones to the mountains others have built. So if somebody learns something useful from one of these posts, perhaps I will have repaid a small part of the large debt I owe to other authors in various media. If you’re among the people I’ve linked to from this site, consider yourself thanked many times over.


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