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First Post

I don’t normally think of myself as the type of person who would do this. Writing for nobody in particular, sending emails to myself, speaking in front of groups… these are images that I associate with blogging. Even the word blogging seems strange coming from me, like teenage slang from a grandparent.

Beyond that, there’s the permanence of it all. What I type in this glowing box may be stored somewhere forever. Now, I’ve lived long enough to realize that I’m not always right. Why should I go on the record about — well, anything — if there’s no need?

Nevertheless, here I am. Why? I’m not really sure yet. Part of my motivation is simply to try something new. Learning is something that I hope I never outgrow. And if somebody learns something useful from one of these posts, I will have repaid a small part of the large debt I owe to other authors in various media.

That’s enough to put my fears of archival to rest, at least for now. If you’re linked on this site, consider yourself thanked many times over.

I just hope none of this comes back to haunt me later.


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